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Phone: +375 17 284 21 36, fax: +375 17 292 25 13
15, P. Brovka Str., 220072 Minsk


The A.V. Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of NAS of Belarus was established on the basis of the order of the USSR Council of Ministers dated of July 29, 1952 as the Institute of Power Engineering of the BSSR Academy of Sciences. Since 2001 it is the state scientific institution with the same name.
Today the A.V. Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of NAS of Belarus is the largest academic institution in the Republic, which is engaged both in solving fundamental and applied problems of heat/mass transfer, fluid dynamics, power engineering, thermal engineering, etc. and in developing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and equipment, facilities for power engineering and engineering, agro-industrial complex and construction industry, medicine, as well as for chemical, electron, radio, food, space industry.

At present, the main directions of the scientific and technical activities of the Institute are the following:

  • heat and mass transfer processes in capillary-porous bodies, dispersed systems, rheological and turbulent media, non-equilibrium flows, low-temperature plasma and at radiation-substance interaction;
  • dynamics, transfer and elementary processes in the systems with chemical and phase changes;
  • physical kinetics, heat transfer and transport processes on micro- and nanoscales;
  • energy-efficient heat/mass transfer technologies, methods and equipment;
  • transfer processes, heat transfer in biological systems and complex molecules;
  • physical and structural properties of substances, materials, and surfaces at internal structuring and strong influences;
  • fluid mechanics and plasma;
  • mechanics and rheology of visco-elastic media at shear, temperature, electromagnetic influences;
  • numerical methods and software for numerical simulation of physical-chemical and heat transfer processes;
  • catalytic technologies and equipment for production of hydrogen, synthesis-, endo- and exo-gases, synthetic and fuel blends;
  • technologies and equipment for production of nano-and microstructures and materials;
  • plasma, plasma chemical and chemical methods for waste cleaning and utilization.

The Institute organizes a number of the known scientific conferences – Minsk International Forum on Heat and Mass Transfer, International Conference on Heat Pipes, Heat Pumps, Refrigerators, New Energy Sources, International Conference on Methodological Aspects of Scanning Probe Microscopy, Minsk International Colloquium on Physics of Shock Waves, Combustion and Detonation. At the Institute there is the Editorial office of the Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics that is republished in English by the Publishing House Springer.
The Institute carries out the scientific, scientific organization and research production cooperation with academic and industrial research and development institutes, higher education institutes, design departments, associations and enterprises of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Latvia, China, USA, India, Germany, Poland, Czechia, Israel, Brazil, Italy, France and other countries.

In 2012, the Institute is accredited as a scientific organization in the State Science and Technology Committee of the Republic of Belarus and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.


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15, P. Brovka Street, Minsk, 220072
Reception-room: +375(17)2842136, fax: +375(17)2922513