Colliding counter-flows of compressed erosion plasma

Two-stage light-gas magnetoplasma launcher for material ballistic tests under vacuum condition and modelled planet atmospheres

Technical solutions and technologies of increasing the efficiency of cooling towers. The aerodynamic swirler with a ventilation window and a control unit for cooling towers.

The facility for air bacteriological test of UBAP – 1.

Plasmatron equipment and direct production of liquid steel from iron-ore pellets

Plant and technology of gas plasma production of glass microspheres.

Plasma plant and technology of corundum microsphere production.

Electric arc linear plasmatrons for large-capacity processes.

Electric arc linear plasmatrons for various technologies.

Restoring technology of machinery parts and mechanisms to nominal size by electric arc spraying.

Technology for visualization and computing of huge array of data

Technology for model creation and control

Object Editor

Subsystem SAPFIR

Subsystem KASKAD

The device for information-measuring distributed control of electric power substations and electric equipment of stations

Experimental setup for vacuum conductive-sorption drying of heat-sensitive materials


Technology of waste gas heat recovery of industrial enterprises


Technology for creating flexible heat pipes in electronic industry

Storage and transportation reservoirs of solid sorbent-based hydrogen-containing bound gases at low pressure

Laboratory prototype of an adsorption-resorption heat pipe for producing heat and cold

Test space-used heat pipes mounted in the pressure chamber

Universal pressure chamber for heat and vacuum tests of heat pipes and optoelectronic equipment in the conditions simulating the space

Experimental setup for studying heat transfer involving evaporation and boiling of liquids in mini-channels at developed heat transfer surfaces

Individual gas boiler-house with a heat power of 9 MW of the National Library of Belarus

Magneto-plasma compressor (Qausi-stationary plasma accelerator)MPC

Technology and equipment for synthesis of fine-grained silicon carbide SiC by the method of carbothermal reduction of silica in the electric thermal fluidized bed (ETFB).

Technology and equipment for synthesis of many-walled carbon nanotubes (MCNT) by pyrolysis of carbon-containing gases in the catalytic fluidized bed.

Cooling tower of the Grodno TEP-2

Cooling towers of the Minsk TEP-4, TEP-3

Flowchart of the pyrolysis process of liquid hydrocarbons

Designs, methods of calculating and optimizing multifunction plasma furnaces for different processes

Toxic waste technology in the three-jet plasma reactor

Application of the polychlorinated biphenyl neutralization technology in the Republic of Belarus

The water steam-operated d.c. arc plasmatron is designed

Ash processing plant

Test bench equipped with a controlled distributed heating screw thermolysis reactor (its capacity is 10 kg/h)

Carbon nanomaterial synthesis installation SC-100

Driers for granulated polymer materials

Gas generator equipment for producing solid organic waste-based combustible gases

Infrared heaters

Mechanical rubber waste processing equipment

Modernization of the thermal chamber gas flame furnace at CJSC Baranovich Machine-Tool Plant “Atlant”

Wood chips drier for the Osipovichi mini-heat electropower station (HES)

First domestic automated boiler plant with a hot-water boiler equipped with a milled peat fluidized furnace

The measuring laboratory complex based on an atomic-force microscope НТ-206

Filtration device for water sanitary-bacteriological analysis

Membranes MPM

Electrothermal fluidized-bed graphite reactor-equipped installation

Wood waste boiler installation designed together with the State Design Office (Brest) with the fuel capacity of 2 MW

A miniature bioreactor for optical and contact-probe analysis of living cells in vitro

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