Department of Physics and Chemistry of Non-equilibrium Media

Fast-running processes department
Physical-Chemical Hydrodynamics Lab
Turbulence Lab

Department of Plasma Physics and Plasma Technologies

Physics of plasma accelerators lab
Electric Arc Plasma Section
Plasma Aerospace Technologies Section

Department of Heat Exchange and Mechanics of Micro- and Nano-sized systems

Nano-Processes and Technologies Lab
Synthesis and Analysis of Micro- and Nano-sized Materials Lab

Department of Information Systems

Distributed Information Systems Lab
Designing of automatic systems for Data Processing Section


Porous Media Lab
Radiation-Convective Heat Exchange Lab
Rheophysics and Macrokinetics Lab
Thermal control Lab
Thermophysical Measurements Lab

Department of Mathematical Modelling

Mathematical Modelling Lab
Radiation Gaseous Dynamics Lab
Transfer Theory Lab

Department of Energy Systems

Chemical Physics Lab
Energy  Efficiency and System Analysis lab
Scientific-Technical Programs Maintenance Section
Disperse Systems Lab


Grodno Branch «Research Center of Resources-Saving Problems»

Grodno Branch «Research Center of Resources-Saving Problems»






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