Nano-Processes and Technologies Lab

Department of Heat Exchange and Mechanics of Micro- and Nano-sized systems

Head of the Laboratory

Chizhik Sergey, First Deputy Chairman of NAS Belarus, Academician of NAS of Belarus, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor 

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Main Research Lines

Biomechanics of cells, including Clinical Biomechanics. Transport processes of energy, momentum and mass transfer in living systems adjusted for biomechanical properties of these systems, including thermal, cooling and cryo-therapeutic effects.

Developing new methods and tools for scanning probing microscopy (CPM);

Investigating different-type samples (biological objects, coatings, films, carbon nanotubes, single molecules, micro-and optoelectronic components with the use of CPM methods;

Studying the specific features of the dynamic regime of an atomic-force microscope (AFM) for different-type samples;

Developing new applications of the AFM dynamic regime for the analysis of surfaces at the nanometer scale, including the dynamic force spectroscopy, tribo-logy, and nanoidentification;

Evaluating the local mechanical properties and surface topography of living cells with a high spatial resolution;

Investigating adhesion processes and friction interactions in metal polymer systems;

Developing new principles of nano-sized metal film-based storage of hydrogen

The Laboratory of Nanoprocesses and Nanotechnologies is involved in developing and manufacturing research devices and accessories in the scanning probing microscopy field


A miniature bioreactor for optical and contact-probe analysis of living cells in vitro

- Experimental complex for studying the adhesion and rheological characteristics of nanoobjects.

- AFM probes modified with carbon nanotubes (CNT).

- Methods of atomic-force microscopy with the use of a tuning-fork probe.

- Methods of mechanical local processing ("nanodrilling and nanomilling).

- Methods of calculating adsorption and diffusion of hydrogen molecules in nano-structured aluminum.

- Methods for diagnosis of mechanical and tribological properties of the surface of hard and superhard thin-film materials (together with the Research Center “Plasmoteg”, Physical-Technical Institute of NAS of Belarus).

The measuring laboratory complex based on an atomic-force microscope НТ-206



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