Synthesis and Analysis of Micro- and Nano-sized Materials Lab

Department of Heat Exchange and Mechanics of Micro- and Nano-sized systems

Head of the Laboratory

Filatov Sergey, PhD
Phone: +375 17 294-91-68;


Main Research Lines

New energy technologies development for clean energy. Electrochemical current sources, low and high temperature fuel and electrolytic cells designing and study. Microscale fuel cells;

Hydrogen storage technologies, metallhydride hydrogen accumulators and hydrogen compressors development. Endogas and synthesis gas generators development and creation;

CVD technologies development for aligned and nonaligned carbon nanotubes synthesis. CVD and PVD industrial techniques for singlewall and multiwall carbon nanotubes production. Techniqes for functional carbon nanomaterials and coatings (including new nanostructured fuel cell electrode materials and heat exchanging systems materials) production;

Nanocatalyst syntsesis techniques for fuel cells. New carbon nanotube based nanocatalysts electrocatalytic activity research;

Scanning and transmission electron microscopy. Optical microscopy;

New materials spectral examination. FTIR and Raman spectroscopy;

Thermal methods of analysis, differential scanning calorimetry and thermogravimetry, gas chromatography. Adsorptive characteristics and porosity of materials study. Automated heat capacity and heat conduction of solid and dry materials measurements;

Heat and mass exchange processes numerical modelling. Multiprocessor and claster technologies.

Experiment automation and new devices and hardware-software solutions designing.


Automated facility for thermal capacity measurement

Automated facility for thermal conductivity measurement

Experimental setup for the study of fuel cells parameters

Experimental setup for the study of properties of proton-exchange membranes of fuel cells

Experimental setup "Synthesizer"

Experimental setup for the study of fuel cells

Experimental setup for wetting angle measurement

Mobile modular power plant on the basis of low-temperature fuel cell

Mobile modular power plant on the basis of low-temperature fuel cells

Experimental setup for investigation of hydrogen sorption characteristics of carbon nanostructures

Experimental setup for thermogravimetric analysis

Experimental setup for carbon nanotubes growth on carbon carrier

Experimental test bench for visualization of mass transfer processes

Metal hydride accumulators testing unit

Experimental setup for obtaining of nanoscale catalysts on carbon carrier (carbon support)

Cyclic hydration unit

Experimental setup for optimization of catalytic reactors of carbon hydrides reforming

Multispectral diffuse optical tomograph

Experimental setup for synthesis of carbon nanomaterials

Automatized workbench for objects microgeometry analysis on the basis of Linnik�s microinterferometer MII-4M

Specialized hub of Nanostructured materials certification Center

Nanoporous sorbents activation unit

"Synthesis of fullerens" unit

Experimental setup "Investigation of thermooptical activation of nanostructured materials"

Experimental setup for investigation of thermomagnetic properties of materials

Electrochemical potentials investigation unit

Experimental test bench for investigation of thermochemical reactions

Experimental setup for investigation of processes of 3d-structures forming from polymers with nanoadditives

FDM-prototyping unit

Experimental setup for investigation of sorption characteristics of methane sorbents

Experimental setup for electroforming of coatings made from nanoscale fibers

Experimental setup for the study of Raman scattering

Experimental setup for the study of induced Raman scattering

Test bench for optimization of parameters of internal combustion vehicle

Experimental setup for study of thermal electromotive force of nanomaterials

Experimental test bench for investigation of stability of special protective clothing of heightened temperature exposure for heat loads

Experimental setup for investigation of molecular-kinetic properties of disperse systems and sedimentation analysis of carbon nanoparticles

Automatized workbench for polymer and composite materials hardness analysis by dynamic method

Experimental setup for investigation of microwave adsorption in composite materials

Experimental test bench "Spectrometer of differential mobility"

Layer-by-layer synthesis unit

Experimental setup "Robotic system for investigation of optical characteristics of composite materials on the basis of superdispersed particles"

Experimental Equipment

Supra-55WDS Scanning Electron Microscope with INCA ENERGY 350 Energy Dispersive X-ray Microanalysis System

ASAP 2020 Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry System

Nicolet 670 FT-IR Spectrometer with Raman Module

Material strength tester IPM-1K

Electron microscope EMV-100 LM

Experimental setup for investigation of adsorption

Experimental setup for investigation of equilibrium properties of metal hydride media, accumulation process and process of hydrogen compression in metal hydride medium AV-25

Photometer "Photometr 4010"

Optical microscope Olympus BX51M

Differential scanning calorimeter DSC-2

Experimental unit "Gas cuvette"

Vacuum deposition unit

Fiber Spectrometer "AvaSpec"

Sputter Coater/Glow Discharge System Polaron SC7620

Metallographic microscope Neophot 2

Thermal imaging unit Fluke Ti25

Automatized Linnik�s microinterferometer MII-4M with digital inerferogram registration

Thermogravimetric scales TGS-1

Potentiostat �� 50-1

Optical microscopes Celestron



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