Chemical Physics Lab

Department of Energy Physics

Head of the Laboratory

Koznacheev I.A.

Tel. +375 17 2842137


Main Research Lines

Heat and mass transfer processes, chemical reactions and hydrodynamics in gas filtration combustion systems in the inert porous medium;
Flame front instability and specific features of transient filtration combustion;
Kinetic and thermal-physical processes at thermal-chemical treatment of solid fuels;
New technological applications of filtration combustion: production of activated coal from wastes of wood industry, air cleaning water purification, and soil cleaning from organic pollutants;
Investigation of flames, burners, and combustion chambers by direct numerical simulation methods;
Modeling of fire propagation (in particular, peat-bog fires) with the intent to solve fire safety;
Processes of nanotube formation and destruction, nanosystem modeling by molecular dynamics methods for the needs of atom-force microscopy and nanotechnologies


Main Developments

Models and kinetic mechanisms:
- Generalized mathematical model for filtration combustion and gasification;
- Unsteady model of flame quenching at the internal combustion engine wall;
- Mathematical model of peat-bog fire propagation;
- Kinetic model for interaction of carbon nanotube and atomic carbon gas;
- Six-component gross-kinetic scheme of partial methane oxidation in the inert porous medium

- 2D burner – program complex meant for modeling chemical reactors, burners, heaters, heat exchangers, etc.;


- System for cleaning the soil from oil spills;
- Other equipment


Technology and equipment for accelerated drying (thermo-mechanical drying due to pressure release) and thermo-modified wood production (with no use of chemical compositions and substances)


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