Department of Physics and Chemistry of Non-Equilibrium Media


Physical-Chemical Hydrodynamics Lab
Fast-running processes department
Turbulence Lab

Head of the Department

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Academician of NAS of Belarus
Penyazkov Oleg
Phone: +375 17 284 21 36, +375 17 284 22 03

Thermophysical and elementary processes in chemically reacting systems

Elementary and collisional processes in plasma

Physics of shock waves, combustion, explosion and detonation, high-temperature gas dynamics

Optical and contact diagnostics of liquid or gas flows

Heat transfer and aerodynamics of bluff-bodies (vehicles, high-rise buildings and constructions)

Turbulent diffusion combustion, turbulent micromixing, development of methods of heat transfer enhancement in heat exchange devices

Generation of volume-uniform gas discharges and their application for surface modification, combustion stimulation, growth of nano-structured materials, as well as for energy supply of lasers and powerful electromagnetic radiation sources, etc.

Mesoscopic, thermal and transport processes in complex magnetic particle systems (including biological ones)

Catalytic systems on the basis of metals and metal-oxides porous materials.



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