Turbulence Lab

>> Department of Physics and Chemistry of Non-equilibrium Media

Head of the Laboratory

Chorny Andrei, PhD

Phone. + 375 17 2842387 e-mail:


Area of Study

Calculation of turbulent dynamic and scalar wakes
Turbulent micromixing problems
Turbulent diffusion combustion problems
Numerical studies of heat transfer and aerodynamics of bluff bodies (vehicles, high-rise buildings and constructions)
Development of methods for heat transfer enhancement in heat exchange apparatus

Research Directions
- baromembrane separation, concentration, and fractionating of liquid and gas media;
- compact heat transfer apparatuses;
- heat transfer processes involved in manual electric arc welding;


The facility for air bacteriological test of UBAP – 1

Filtration device for water sanitary-bacteriological analysis

Membranes MPM

Experimental equipment

Laboratory bench for studying hydrogen membrane separation from synthesis-gas


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