Fast-running processes department

>> Department of Physics and Chemistry of Non-equilibrium Media

Head of department

Fiodar V. Pliavaka

Phone/fax: +375172842106


Research directions

Fast-running processes department has general field of research as a physics/chemistry of gas discharges, mainly of atmospheric pressure, and their applications, including surface treatment(modification/functioinalization/grafting), coating deposition, plasma-assisted combustion, nanoparticles/nanotubes production, microwave heating, spectral pyrometry and so on. For the excitation of discharges, we develop, produce and use high-voltage generators, both with sinusoidal output voltage over a wide frequency range (from ultrasound to microwave) and pulsed having pulse durations down to nanoseconds. The generators and matched discharge systems are designed and manufactured in a range of power 0.1-1.5 kW for a specific tasks, we have experience of supply the equipment to other countries (Europe, USA and Russia).

Basic Developments

Multi-channel high temperature meter having strong EMI immunity


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