Department of Mathematical Modeling


Mathematical Modelling Lab
Transfer Theory Lab
Radiation Gaseous Dynamics Lab

Head of the Department
Cand. Phys. Math. Sci. S.I. Shabunya
Phone: +375 17 284 21 10, e-mail:

Development of physical and mathematical models for computer analysis of a wide spectrum of problems: thermal and diffusion processes, hydrodynamics, plasma dynamics, filtration, chemical kinetics, combustion, radiation transfer, phase changes, barrier and microwave discharges, etc.

Kinetics of chemical processes in the gas phase and solutions, including those occurring at combustion of hazardous organic waste with a view to utilize them

Technologies for hydrogen generation on the basis of the alkali metal borohydride hydrolysis and for high purity hydrogen production

Theory and models of transfer processes in complex systems involving the dynamics of micro-and nanosize structures and physical-chemical changes; non-equilibrium thermodynamic theory; nucleation kinetics

Study of hydrodynamic and radiation processes accompanying the impact of different-nature powerful energy flows on substance

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