Mathematical Modelling Lab

>> Department of Mathematical Modelling

Head of the Laboratory

S.I. Shabunya, PhD
Phone: +375-017-2842110


Main Research Directions

Application of barrier discharge plasma for improving the adhesion properties of polymer films;

Thermal destruction of SF6, CF4 in microwave discharge plasma;

Aerosol formation in furnace gas wet cleaning columns;

Modeling of deflagration explosions of fuel-air mixtures at industrial enterprises;

Designing of reactors of incomplete oxidation of hydrocarbons for synthesis-gas production;

Erosion processes at the plasmatron hafnium cathode surface;

Thermal and chemical processes in the electric arc steel smelting furnace;

Modeling of thermal processes for modernizing industrial heating furnaces (charging and pusher-type);

Investigation of sodium borohydride hydrolysis kinetics;

Steel combustion in high-pressure oxygen;

Modeling of carbon diffusion and nucleation in nickel nanodrops in process of nanotube formation and growth;

Nanoparticle formation at vacuum evaporation of solution microdrops


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