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Smetannikov Andrei

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Main Research Lines

- A cycle of investigations on physics of plasma dynamic processes involving the laser plasma action on metals and composite materials is carried out. For this work the Laboratory researchers G.S. Romanov and Yu.A. Stankevich in the team of co-authors are awarded the State Prize of Belarus for 1992 in the field of science and technology.
- Calculation methods are developed and computer codes are elaborated for mathematical modeling of two-dimensional unsteady problems of dynamics of emitting gas.
- A cycle of works on determining optical-physical characteristics of gases and plasma over a broad state parameter range is performed.
- Data banks of thermodynamic and optical properties of multi-component media are collected.
- A radiation-collision model describing thermal-physical and optical properties of plasma over a wide range of temperatures and densities and having thermodynamic and corona equilibrium states as limiting is developed.
- Methods for description of radiant heat transfer in the plasma of electrical discharges, plasma jets, and laser erosion torches allowing for a detailed space-time structure of plasma and its real optical properties are developed.
- A cycle of works on emission diagnostics of low-temperature plasma through integral radiation characteristics of spectral lines is implemented.
- The ISTC Project “Mathematical modeling of natural and man-caused accidents and their influence on the Environment and Ecology” (1996-1999) was implemented.
- The FFR RB Project “Development of theoretical models for the influence of plasma microfields on plasma optical-physical characteristics” was executed.
- Data banks of state equation, optical properties, and kinetic coefficients of plasma over a broad condition range” (1995-1996) were collected.
- The FFR RB Project “Theoretical and experimental investigation of radiation characteristics of electrical discharges and high-pressure jets” (1997-1999) was executed.
- The joint FFR RB and RFFR Project “Underwater volcano eruptions and meteoroid impacts on the surface of seas and oceans: dynamical and physical processes, influence on weather and climate phenomena” (2000-2002) was performed.
- The INTAS Project “Synthesis and investigation of metal fullerenes and films based on them” (2002-2005) was executed.
- A modified version of a hardware-software complex for numerical modeling of processes in the problems of radiation gas dynamics on a supercomputer “SKIF” and for visualization of the obtained results (2003-2004) was developed.
- The FFR RB Project “Study of the influence of charged particles on the formation kinetics of fullerenes in carbon plasma” (2004-2005) was carried out.
- Processes of interaction between nanosecond laser radiation and solid targets and modeling of dynamics and radiation of erosion plasma torches are under study with the intent to diagnose the element composition of substance through its laser-excited spectra. The work concerned with developing models and software for modeling of explosions and estimation of their consequences is being carried out. Processes of formation of nanostructures in the gas discharge plasma are being investigated. The modeling of nucleation of carbon clusters in the catalyst drop resulting in the growth of a thread-like nanoobject is being made.
- The FFR RB Project “Determination of thermodynamic and optical parameters of plasma generated due to pulse actions upon materials using the approach combining cell and chemical models of plasma” (2006-2008) is fulfilled.

Main Developments

1. Thermophysical and optical characteristics of substance in the gas plasma state
2. Radiative energy transfer in emitting gas dynamics problems
3. Numerical modeling of dynamics of erosion laser torches
4. Modeling of high-current pulse discharges
5. Modeling of high-speed impact
6. Modeling of strong explosion dynamics
7. Application of supercomputers “СКИФ” for modeling of radiative gas dynamics problems


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