Department of Plasma Physics and Plasma Technologies


Electric Arc Plasma Section
Plasma Aerospace Technologies Section
Physics of plasma accelerators lab

Head of the Department

Corresponding Member of NAS of Belarus, doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Valiantsin Astashynski
Phone: +375 17 284 24 91, email:

Energy and substance transfer at high temperatures (2000-15000 K). Test of thermal protection models of space vehicles

D.c. and a.c. electric arc plasmatrons. Plasmatron power – from 50 kW to 3 mW for chemical, metallurgical, building, engineering, other industries and large-capacity processes

Plasma reactors for processing dispersed materials and solutions, shaft and chamber plasma furnaces for processing and utilization of man-caused waste

Study and design calculations of plasma processes and facilities

Experimental-industrial equipment and technologies for hollow evacuated microspheres

Plasma technology and instrumentation of the production process of superfine mineral fibers

Direct production of liquid steel from iron-ore pellets not using coke at the pilot plant.
Capacity – 20 000 tons/year. The plasma chemical production process of acetylene and technical hydrogen from natural gas

Technology of applying wear-resistant coatings over the worn surface of cylindrical components of machines by the electric arc metallization method


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