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V.V. Sauchyn

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Main Research Directions

Development, manufacture, investigation, and optimization of electric arc heaters of different power; manufacturing of d.c. electric arc heaters, a.c. electric arc heaters with the power from 50 to 200 kW.

Development, manufacture, investigation, and optimization of plasma reactors for processing dispersed materials and solutions. Investigation of heat transfer processes in reactors and development of methods for their calculation and modeling. Investigation of the structure of plasma flows formed in the mixing chamber, development of methods and means of control the plasma flow structure. 

Development, manufacture, investigation, and optimization of plasma shaft and chamber furnaces for processing and disposal toxic and radioactive waste, investigation of heat transfer processes in plasma furnaces, development of methods for their calculation and modeling

Development of support equipment for plasma processes: feeders for supply and dosage of dispersed materials, sprayers for solution and suspension supply, heat exchangers for plasma flow cooling, filters for gas purification from mechanical admixtures, sanitary columns for exhaust gas purification from chemical compounds;

Manufacture of plasma equipment and its delivery to customers, equipment mounting, start-up and adjustment, guaranteed service.

Main Developments and Achievements

In terms of the above directions, various CIS enterprises were equipped with more than 20 plasma reactors and plasma furnaces of different power and capacity for implementation different technological processes. Every year, several dozes of electric arc furnaces of different type and power were manufactured and delivered.

For many years of the execution of research and experimental-design works, as well as the patent-invention activity more than 50 certificates of authorship and 16 foreign patents were taken out in England, Germany, France, USA, Japan, and Italy.
The electric plasma reactor and plasma furnace for processing of toxic, liquid, and solid factory waste were manufactured, placed in operation, and delivered to the customers in Germany and France.

Equipment for the plasma furnace for processing medical waste was manufactured and delivered according to the Contract with the Japan Firm.
Plasma equipment was manufactured and delivered according to the Contracts with the Brazilian and South Korean firms.
The project of the plasma furnace for processing medical and other toxic waste was developed for the Canadian-Taiwanese Firm and then presented for the Government of Taiwan.


Flowchart of the pyrolysis process of liquid hydrocarbons

Designs, methods of calculating and optimizing multifunction plasma furnaces for different processes

Toxic waste technology in the three-jet plasma reactor

Application of the polychlorinated biphenyl neutralization technology in the Republic of Belarus

The water steam-operated d.c. arc plasmatron is designed

Ash processing plant

Test bench equipped with a controlled distributed heating screw thermolysis reactor (its capacity is 10 kg/h)

Carbon nanomaterial synthesis installation SC-100


Main Research Lines

Thermal processes (low-temperature vapor thermolysis, gasification, fast pyrolysis, etc.) of processing and use of local fuel and a wide spectrum of solid organic waste in order to produce raw material and fuel-energy resources;
Measurement (based on solving inverse heat conduction problems) of the intensity of interphase heat transfer of a gas medium with a material surface on the assumption of its thermal decomposition;
Heat transfer processes at non-oxidation heating of metals in the fluidized bed of inert heat carrier;
Drying and heat treatment of polymer and medicinal materials, as well as iron ore raw material;
Heat transfer processes at gas combustion in tubes and porous bodies

Main Developments

Fluidized bed furnaces for non-oxidation heating of metal;
Radiation tubes for carbonizing and carbonitriding (HMTI was awarded the bronze medal of the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements). They were applied at the Minsk Tractor Plant and the Minsk Motor Plant;
Driers for granulated polymer materials;
Gas generator equipment for producing solid organic waste-based combustible gases;
Infrared heaters;
Mechanical rubber waste processing equipment


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