Department of Thermophysics

Thermal control Lab
Radiation-Convective Heat Exchange Lab
Thermophysical Measurements lab
Rheophysics and Macrokinetics Lab
Porous Media Lab

Head of Department

Grinchuk Pavel, corresponding member of NASB, Doctor Phys. Math. Sci.
Phone: +375172841346;

Development of drying technologies and technique of materials (wood, food products, drugs, etc.)

Study of mechanical and rheological properties of viscoelastic media;
technologies of their practical application, including those for high-precision finishing of surfaces of optical components

Development of modern designs of industrial furnace equipment for metal heating and thermal treatment

Study of processes of heat and mass transfer at first-kind phase changes and development of efficient heat transfer devices based on them, including heat pipes and heat pumps

Development of methods for heat and mass transfer enhancement in industrial and evaporative power cooling equipment with the intent to enhance its thermal performance

Diagnostics of the thermal state of industrial, building, biological objects, engineering devices

Study of the thermophysical properties of materials over a wide range of temperatures and environmental impacts

Automation of thermal regimes of operation of different-purpose technological devices

Investigation of production processes of technical carbon

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