Rheophysics and Macrokinetics Lab

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Head of the Laboratory

Korobko Evgenia, Dr.Sc., Professor

Teл.: +375-17-284-13-61

Main Research
Study of momentum, heat and mass transfer processes in continuum and discrete media and biosystems with non-linear rheophysical properties under different external actions

Measurement of mechanical (viscosity, elasticity, plasticity, creep, normal stresses, tixotropic and relation parameters) and thermophysical (thermal conductivity, heat capacity, calorimetric indices) characteristics of different fluid filled media, including multiphase ones, to optimize their composition, search new import-substituting materials, as well as to standardize them when used in food, construction, pharmaceutical, chemistry, fuel economic sectors.

Experimental investigations and modeling of the processes of hydromechanics and heat transfer of nonlinear-viscoplastic fluids flowing in complex-geometry channels for the problems of petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Development of “intelligent” materials, in particular, electrorheological and magnetorheological fluids and of the technologies of their use for controlling the parameters of hydromechanical devices (valves, shock-absorbers, pumps, pressure generators of elements of a hydroautomation system), in viscous friction absorbers and clutches, fixing facilities, heat exchange, acoustic and optical devices with variable parameters.

Biological investigations, including the development of models of the blood circulation system in man and animal using the rheological, cytometric, and biochemical measurements for the oncology needs when consideration is made of the processes of photodynamic and hyperthermal therapy of tumors and cardio-vascular surgery, as well as the measurement of rheological indices of blood when acted upon by radiation.


Experimental equipment

Equipment for investigating rheological complex fluids

Rheometer «Physica MCR 301» Anton Paar

Testing of the fluid mechanical properties in the creep region

Laboratory set-up “Polimag”

Complexes for rheological investigation of blood and plasma


Technologies and equipment of final magnetorheological polishing for high-precision finishing of flat, spherical, and aspherical surfaces of optical parts

Examples of devices and technologies of application of electro-and magnetocontrolled fluid
- for regulation of the parameters of hydromechanical units (valves, shock-absorbers, pumps, pressure generators, elements of hydroautomation systems, for example, in hydrodrives of robots);
- shock and brake elements, viscous friction shockers, vibration dampers;
- clutches;
- measuring facilities;
- machine accessories used in mechanical treatment;
- controlled lubricants in friction vapors;
- constructional materials;
- acoustic and optical facilities with variable parameters;
- controlled heat carrier

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