Disperse Systems LabORATORY

>> Department of Heat-and Power Processes and Devices

Head of the Laboratory

Corresponding Member NAS Belarus, Dr Tech. Sci., Professor
Borodulya Valentin

Phone.: +375-17-284-24-80


Main Scientific Work
- Development of fundamental problems of heat and mass transfer in dispersed systems, in particular in fluidized and fixed beds, at phase and chemical changes;
- Theoretical and experimental investigation and optimization of combustion of different nature and composition fuels in fixed and fluidized bed furnaces, in circulating fluidized bed furnaces, in cyclone- layered furnaces;
- Development of the fundamentals of synthesis of promising materials in the fluidized bed;
- Modeling and optimization of fast fluidized-bed biomass pyrolysis for liquid and gas fuel production .

Practical Developments

- Fluidized-bed furnaces and gas generators for local fuel combustion;
- Polycrystal silicon technology in the fluidized-bed reactor due to seed-particle sedimentation from the gas phase;
- Technology of silicon carbide from silicon dioxide in the electrothermal fluidized-bed reactor;
- Technology of high-productive synthesis of carbon nanotubes from gas hydrocarbons in the catalytic fluidized-bed reactor;
- Biomass catalytic process technology in the fluidized-bed reactor for production of a pyrolysis gas with the high hydrogen content;
- Equipment for efficient incineration of biological rural waste.

Electrothermal fluidized-bed graphite reactor-equipped installation

Wood waste boiler installation designed together with the State Design Office (Brest) with the fuel capacity of 2 MW

Technology and equipment for synthesis of fine-grained silicon carbide SiC by the method of carbothermal reduction of silica in the electric thermal fluidized bed (ETFB)

Technology and equipment for synthesis of many-walled carbon nanotubes (MCNT) by pyrolysis of carbon-containing gases in the catalytic fluidized bed

Individual gas boiler-house with a heat power of 9 MW of the National Library of Belarus

First domestic automated boiler plant with a hot-water boiler equipped with a milled peat fluidized furnace

Experimental equipment

Granulated silicon fluidized-bed reactor-equipped installation

Electric-thermal fluidized bed reactor for silicon carbide production at a temperature up to 20000С

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