Officials responsible for application of achievements and investment at the Institute are:

Penyazkov Oleg
Phone: +375 17 284-21-36

Deputy Director
Valiantsin Astashynski
Phone: +375 17 284 24 91

Deputy Director
Igor Ignatenko
Phone: +375 17 284 -12-31, (8 029) 761 99 15

Scientific Secretary
Svetlana Danilova-Tretiyak
Phone: +375 17 284-21-35, (8 029) 500-72-70

Head of the Patent-License Department  

Nitievskaya Elena
Phone: +375 17 284-10-41


Information for Investors and Businessmen

The Institute proposes the commercialization of its developments within the framework of a public-private partnership.

А. Forms of Cooperation

- Sale of technical and design documentation, know-how, pre-production models, patents and service based on license and other contracts. Legal base: [1,2,3,4].
- Establishment of joint ventures, joint-stock companies with transfer of technical and design documentation, know-how, pre-production models, patents to the charter fund. Legal base: [5,6,7]
- Execution of works to create product prototypes, preparation of specifications, methods, standards, scientific and technical support for the production based on direct economic contacts. Legal base: [8,9]

B. Procedure

Please prepare information on your enterprise (organization) and contact information, give a short description of your project that proposes to use developments of the Institute (patents, know-how, technical and design documentation, etc), make a proposal on the form of cooperation. Discuss the questions of possible cooperation with the appropriate officials of the Institute. Offer the appeal to the Institute.
Proposals, forms and opportunities for cooperation will be worked out in detail at meetings with of the representatives of the Management of the Institute and specialists.


The legal aspect of the relationships is based on the legislation of the Republic of Belarus


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